37 things that MOTIVATED and INSPIRED me on my 37th birthday!


I’m often asked about the process I use to choose topics for each week’s blog. My answer has always been the same; I just look for the inspiring and teachable point of view in everything I’m given the opportunity to experience and see. This week’s thought is a quick glance into the lens I use, to allow inspiration to continually seep into my mind and spirit.

37 Things that MOTIVATED and INSPIRED me on my 37th birthday:

  1. Cold glass of waterA long, hot shower. What better way to jump start, recharge or end a day!
  2. Authentic Jamaican jerked chicken with rice and cabbage. (IJS)
  3. The cold side of the pillow.
  4. My Samsung Galaxy 4 smartphone. In 2013, I get to have a high powered computer in my back pocket. Talk about innovation!
  5. Fabric softener. Makes putting on socks in the morning so pleasurable.
  6. Sunglasses. It’s a miracle how just putting on a pair of sunglasses, makes you cooler than you were a moment ago.
  7. A cold glass of clean water.
  8. Elevators. Too bad the rise to success isn’t that easy. -ding-
  9. Aftershave. Cool and refreshing way to reward your face for withstanding the beating the skin can take from a razor blade. What did men do before this marvelous invention?
  10. Airplanes. Because everyone on board has a unified goal and purpose, even if they don’t know it. THAT IS TO LAND. (There is power in unity.)
  11. Brake lights. Sometimes you have to know when to slow down and/or stop!
  12. House plants. They say you should get a dog before having a child. I say get a plant before getting a dog. You have to be thoughtful to keep a plant alive and keeping it alive supplies the home with fresh oxygen.
  13. Coffee. Energy and focus for sale in a cup!
  14. Keys. Just a reminder that there is always a way to unlock closed doors.
  15. Music. Especially inspirational music! Music has a tremendous power to influence our subconscious mood. 
  16. Deodorant. (For obvious reasons)
  17. Recycling. Multiple uses for what otherwise could be considered garbage. I believe there is no garbage on Earth. Humans are just ignorant to the worth of what we discard. So we waste.
  18. A really NICE pen. Just makes you want to write things down.
  19. A gift. (Small or big, it’s the fact someone thought of me that inspires.)
  20. Pictures. (Worth thousands of words)
  21. Food. Nothing like biting into a succulent piece of fruit
  22. YouTube. Just type “inspiration” in the search bar and BOOM!
  23. Sports. (Every game has a significant parallel to life.)
  24. Finishing a task. Knowing I did my absolute best to ensure it is well done!
  25. Getting carded to buy alcohol. (Oh look, it’s my birthday! Is it free now?)
  26. Giving. There is something wonderful about knowing what I can freely give away, can tremendously bless another person.
  27. Electronic reminders. Now all I have to do is to remember to set up the reminder.
  28. Cars. Luxury vehicles provide the motivation to work hard so one day you can drive easy. Fast cars remind us that speed is an enviable commodity.
  29. Pleasant surprises.
  30. Friends. They add spice to life.
  31. Family. Life’s main ingredient.
  32. Love. Life’s vegetable.
  33. Faith in GOD.
  34. Modern Medicine. (Only when it has no side effects.)
  35. Meditation. Who knew that you could find clarity, motivation and inspiration just by quietly entering your own mind…and it’s free…it will only cost you a few minutes of your precious time.
  36. toilet_paper_emptyToilet paper. (Especially when you realize during your time of need, there may be none in the house.)
  37. Visualizing 38.

I hope my list provides you additional access, to view life’s everyday simplicities with gratitude. The source for inspiration is truly infinite and surrounds us daily. All we need do is take notice. Leave a comment, and share what inspires you.

And as always…
Stay inspired, it’s a lifestyle choice!

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