For Sale: A Secret and Powerful Tool


What if I could sale a top-secret tool to you?  Would you be interested?

This tool can process all your ideas to completion. Take the old ideas that don’t work and create even better scenarios and ideas on which to build. This tool can take your top talents and transform them into tangible outputs, that not only support you and those you love, but everyone else around you.

What if I told you this secret tool could manipulate your mood and heavily influence the moods and thoughts of everyone with whom you made contact, in a positive way?

What if I told you this secret tool is also capable of assisting you in fulfilling your goals, aspirations and dreams? What if I told you this tool could also assist you in defining your purpose and crafting a better, top-notch ‘YOU‘?

Are you interested?

Now here’s the deal…
If I sold you this tool all you need to know is that it comes with just three simple stipulations:
1. You must upload your current ideas, talents, moods, goals, aspirations and dreams.
2. You must spend 1 hour a day learning to properly use the tool. 30 minutes in the morning. 30 minutes in the evening.
3. You must take time to reflect. Your reflections give the tool direction.

Follow these rules and your success is guaranteed!!!

Still interested?
Is this offer starting to get too good to believe?

If you’re starting to doubt that a tool with these capabilities exist, I can understand why…this is an unbelievable offer!
If your starting to doubt the overall performance and capabilities of this tool, check this out!

This tool has been continually endorsed by credible sources such as Dr. Ben Carson, world-renowned neurosurgeon. Dr. Carson says, “The human mind can do whatever it can conceive…the brain is the most fabulous organism in the universe…”

Human brain
Image via Wikipedia

Still in doubt?
Read on…

The estimated processing power of an average brain is said to be about 100 million MIPS (Million computer Instructions Per Second). This means the brain is like a 168,000 MHz Pentium computer. That far exceeds the storage capacity and computation of the world’s best computer.

In layman’s term, the brain is practically limitless!

That’s right…your brain is this secret tool. No need to purchase it from me, you already own and use it.

My question for reflection to you today is this:
What are doing to make the most of this fabulous and miraculous tool?

Are you utilizing the three stipulations I shared above to ensure your ‘cockpit‘ and ‘supercomputer‘ is in FULL service to you?

Have you uploaded, saved and backed-up your ideas, talents, moods, goals, aspirations and dreams?
Upload: Inputting valuable information from books, programs, experiences for use in the future.
Saved: Full comprehension of the uploaded information.
Backed-up: Written notes that can remind the brain of useful information when forgotten.

Are you spending enough time learning about the beauty and power of your body and mind? Is an hour a day really too much?
Are you reflecting on your daily experiences to provide yourself a calibrated direction everyday?

If so, keep on it.

If not, get started.

“We should not only use the brains we have, but all that we can borrow.” ~ Woodrow Wilson

Commit to fully using the most amazing gift and tool any human has ever received.

“An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.” ~ Arnold H. Glasgow

Choose to fully use your tool, take action and stay inspired!



About the Author:

Linal Harris
Global Entrepreneur – Certified Life Coach – Media Personality – Speaker

Linal Harris is a global entrepreneur, certified life coach, author, and media personality. As the founder of Inspirational Perspective® Publishing, LLC and Insights 4 Life™ Coaching, LLC, Harris challenges his global audience and coaching clients to Murder Mediocrity® and live their best life possible. Harris concentrates his work as an ontological coach with clients on what he calls the 4 pillars of life; the relationship we have to ourselves, the relationships we have with others, our relationship to work and money, and the connection we have to our spirit and life’s purpose. Harris coaches CEO’s, executives, entrepreneurs, athletes and celebrities. Harris is the author of “Slay Your Goals”, where he provides his readers with scientific and research backed tips for achieving their goals. Harris is an expert goal-setter and has been called upon by Fortune 500 companies to assist with setting their strategic priorities, facilitate goal-setting sessions and provide inspirational talks.

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  1. One who is disappointed at the simplicity of such a great truth is none other than a bag of lazy bones. The mind is such a wonderful thing… Stretching it can be as fun as it is challenging!

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