Capable and average, is capable of more than average!


All too often I’m baffled at how we place people who are categorized as successful, in an untouchable category.  It is as if the stories of their achievements closely mirror the heroics of Greek Mythology, and our own lives mirror that of a Greek tragedy.

We tend to forget that the people we look upon as extremely successful were not born half god, half human, like Hercules.  Just like us, they were born flesh and blood into circumstances sometimes far worse than anything we have experienced.


Examples of this are evident in people like; Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou and Chris Gardner.

These three, came from unfortunate circumstance and meager beginnings, but followed repeatable steps and principles that helped them achieve the success they experience today.

Know this!
Anybody who is capable and average, is capable of more than average!

Another example of this came from McKinley Morgenfield, who we all know as Muddy Waters.  He arrived in Chicago in the early 1940’s.  Before coming to Chicago he had the opportunity to hear his own voice recorded and upon hearing himself sing, he kept thinking only one thing.  “I can do it, I can do it!”  When he got to Chicago he found a job driving a truck and working in a factory during the day.  He performed at night.  He was noted saying, “I didn’t come to Chicago for merely a job, I’ve come to be great!  I want to be known cross-country, not like an ordinary person who just lives and dies.”

…and he did just that!
He put Chicago on the map as the center of the urban blues scene.

Anybody who is capable and average, is capable of more than average!!

Two things stick out for me in Mr. Morgenfield’s story.

  1. He told himself, “I can do it, I can do it!” until he believed he could do it!  It was belief in himself that brought him to Chicago
  2. He made a statement of intent.  “I’ve come to be great!”

What are you here to do?
Do you believe you can?
What’s your purpose statement?
What’s your passion?

The beginning of greatness lies within the answers to those questions for each one of us.

None of us has to be ordinary, and just live and die.

We all have the capability to be great and make history!
That’s my intent!
Is it yours?

I’d love to know.

Stay inspired, it’s a lifestyle choice!

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