A tear for Whitney…

ImageWhen the movie “Bodyguard” dropped in 1992, I was 16 years old.  At 16 a boy is open game for infatuation and Whitney had me!  I was in LOVE!

She didn’t only have me…she also had my brother who was 15 years old at the time…and as you probably can imagine many an argument was held between my brother and I as to whom Whitney Houston really belonged too!

I don’t think we ever agreed on the subject.  However, what we did always agree on was the movie we would sneak out of bed to see in the middle of the night.

My brother and I watched “Bodyguard” about once a week almost every week of 1993 after the movie was released on VHS!

I can’t necessarily pinpoint the effect watching that movie over and over again had on me, but at the very least I remember always going to bed happy and inspired. (…and in love)

Today my brother is a musician, songwriter and singer…maybe it really had an impact on him.

Either way Whitney Houston has inspired many of us with her movies and music and regardless of how her life ended…

…today I’m gonna remember her like that 16 year old boy I used to be!

Love you Whitney!  Rest in peace…

(My mom is gonna freak out when she reads this…lol…Sorry Ethan, but when she starts asking questions about the midnight movie watching I’m gonna blame it on you brother…lol)

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