A Ballad for Deceased Technology

We’ve only been technically advanced for a century,
200 hundred years ago we could barely harness electricity,
Not too long ago the fastest way to get from here to there was horse and buggy.

But once we figured out the delicate dance of the technical technique,
Inventors invented and innovators innovated the dreamer’s dream,
And technology came to life and has come and gone at a pace the world has never seen.

We’ve gone from 8mm projectors that clicked,
To VCR’s, then to DVD’s that were thin and slick,
Now they’ve given us vibrant colors and sounds on Blu-Ray Disc.

Remember the Polaroid print you had to shake,
And then the image would slowly create?
Or…you could take your 24 shot, 35mm film, to Walgreens and wait.
(For two to three days…)

But now…why count shots, why wait?
Your digital cam can hold as many photos as your media card will take,
Now…who needs a photo album, just upload them to a Kodak digital frame.

Did you ever have a black and white tube TV?
Remember techni-color, and then the coolness of a flat screen TV?
Now you’re simply outdated if your plasma or LCD is not LED HD.

Nowadays, there’s a computer in almost every house,
Hard to believe that just about every house has a mouse,
And phones have gone from on the wall to somewhere on the couch.

We’ve gone from morse code, to text and SMS,
From Colecovision to Wii and Xbox Kinect,
And the kids have gone from ‘Etch-a-Sketch’ to tablets.

We’ve come a long way since the printing press,
No more typewriters we just WORD process…
With no need to fear your correctness…cause we all have spellcheck!

What will come of our newspapers, magazines and books,
Now that we’ve invented iPads, Kindles and Nooks,
Maybe the same thing Google did to 411 and the phonebook?
(Unfortunately, they’ll probably take the path that Encyclopedia Britannica took)

Where’s your road atlas?
You still Mapquest?
Stop that…get a GPS!

Curses upon you cable TV, for all these years you’ve taken my money!!
For that…soon you’ll be replaced by Roku, Slingbox, Netflix and Apple TV.
Blessings upon you 4G and LTE for bringing us data at lightning fast speeds!

Technology is here to stay,
Evolving faster and faster everyday,
And frequently taking her old wares away.

Nothing remains the same, and we’ve come quite far,
But regardless of how easy technology can make our lives…some change is hard!

The First Word Processor
The First Word Processor

2 thoughts on “A Ballad for Deceased Technology

  1. Napoleon Withers says:

    This is good,and very much appreciated…..there is no doubt that we are now in that kind of world where we come across different and new things everyday! Great post!

  2. Mildred Harris says:

    Change can be hard. But we will do well to keep pace. I can say “it’s just not me, I don’t do things that way” but I will only hurt myself. The world will keep advancing whether I like it or not. I’m determined not be left behind! If I live as long as my mom (91) I intend to be as high tech as my great- grand children…..;-) why not?

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