Why New Year’s Resolutions/Plans Fail.

We’re headed into the second week of 2014.

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going?
How are your carefully laid plans for 2014 shaping up?

I’m sure many of you are on task.
You’ve been carefully following your action plans and tracking your milestones diligently.

Great work for now!
Keep reading!

It’s going different for others. They’re already frustrated with either their plan or inability to sufficiently stick to the plan. They are seriously contemplating quitting.

If you can identify with that…solid work!
You’re normal and in good company!

Maybe you already quit.
You can’t catch a break, and now you’re just hoping that if you abandon your ridiculous resolutions and/or plans so you can salvage the rest of 2014.

Regardless of what group you fall into, the universal truth of planning will hold true.

That truth?

Your goals on paper vs. your goals in real life!
Your goals on paper vs. your goals in real life!

No matter how well you plan something, stuff will happen.

Yep, stuff happens!

The trick is to remember, when stuff happens, and interrupts your plans, it’s not the end of the world, thus it’s not the end of your plan.

I believe most of the resources for goal setting and creating plans are flawed.

We know our goals and plans should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. Thus, that’s where we focus. There’s very little thought given to the potential barriers and piles of stuff we may accidentally step in, that could stall our well laid plan.

Consequently, the first pothole, wall or unforeseen obstacle we hit feels like failure, when in fact, it represents progress!

That’s right…stepping in a pile of smelly stuff, equals progress.

How is it progress?
Well, because you took a step.

No step, no stuff!
No rolling forward, no potholes!
No momentum, no walls!

Stepped in some stuff recently?
Wipe it off!
Get that dirt of your shoulder!
Keep moving!

Hit a pothole?
Slow down, but keep rolling.
(Notice how quickly you notice and maneuver around future potholes.)
Don’t stall!

tear-down-the-wallHit a wall?
Climb over it!
Can’t climb?
Dig underneath it.
Can’t dig?
Tear the wall down!
Can’t penetrate the wall?
Then walk until you’ve walked around it.

Whatever you do, don’t quit!

Our New Year’s Resolutions and plans fail, only because we quit.
We quit because we don’t anticipate resistance.

Resistance can surprise us. We’re unprepared for surprises. Being unprepared is demoralizing. Feeling demoralized causes us to feel discouraged. Being discouraged highlights the exits to quit.

This year, plan for resistance, because if it hasn’t revealed it’s ugly head yet, I can guarantee it will.

“The best laid plans, of mice and men, oft go awry.” ~ Robert Burns

Also, be sure your plan includes tangible ways to stay encouraged. If you just read this, you’re on the right track!

This year, stay inspired, it’s a lifestyle choice!

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