What’s Your Super Bowl?


This weekend was marked by one of the biggest games in sports. This game was the National Football League’s championship game also known as the Super Bowl.

The men who participated is this game have spent the majority of their lives, honing their skills and physically preparing their bodies, for the goal of winning this game.

I’ve had the opportunity to coach and/or chat with a number of professional athletes and I’ve noticed that they all have one thing in common; a desire, vision and goal to win.

That desire is not just to win one game.
That desire is to win every game.

The desire to win every game is fueled by the sole purpose of most athletes; that is to win a championship!

I don’t have to talk to Cam Newton or Peyton Manning, to determine whether or not winning a Super Bowl championship is a significant goal or accomplishment for them. It’s apparent in their performance and drive, that they want to be champions.

My questions for reflection this week are:

  • What’s your Super Bowl?
  • What goal, dream or aspiration have you locked into your mind with a stubborn resolve for winning?

If you don’t know what game you’re playing, you can’t win!

There’s no satisfaction in just existing.
We were all put on this planet to fulfill a purpose.
What’s yours?

Darren and Linal
Darren Woodson (left) and Linal Harris (right).

I had the opportunity a couple of years ago to spend a Super Bowl weekend with three-time Super Bowl champion, Darren Woodson.

While watching the Super Bowl game, I asked him, “What’s your next Super Bowl?”

He promptly replied, “My next Super Bowl is ensuring that our United States military veterans can come home and get good jobs.”

After hearing his answer I couldn’t help but smile.
I smiled because not only was Darren very clear on his next Super Bowl, but his next Super Bowl was work that I would gladly support him in accomplishing.

What’s your Super Bowl?
Are you focused on winning that game?

Every morning you wake up, are you crystal clear on how that day is going to get you closer to your big game?

“You’re only great if you win something. Alexander wasn’t Alexander the mediocre or Alexander the average. He was Alexander the Great, and there’s a reason for it.” ~ Sterling Sharpe

What game are you playing to win?
No need playing any game if the objective isn’t winning.
If you’re not sure what game you want to play, your number one priority should be getting clear on your purpose and dreams.

My purpose on this planet, is to help you gain that clarity.
Let me know how I can help.

I you are clear on your goals, dreams and aspirations, let me know how I can help you win your Super Bowl.

Either way…stay inspired, it’s a lifestyle choice!

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