7 Ways Haters Can Actually Help You

This past Thursday, I spoke to a group of children in elementary and middle school at Governors State University. At a point in my talk, I began to share a story from my youth, so I asked the kids if they had any haters in there lives yet.

I was surprised at how these children responded.
Some of them jumped to their feet and shouted, “Yeeesss!”

I chuckled and shared a quick version of my story, but the fervor of their answer stuck with me. The children made it clear that no matter how old, what gender or what race you are…you will have a few haters.

Since having haters is a harsh reality of life, especially for anyone trying to differentiate themselves, I’ve decided to share the top seven ways haters can actually help you.

1. Haters may spread bad news about you but they often inadvertently spread good news too.

Everything you do is hate worthy to your fiercest hater. To hate, the hater has to talk or type about what you’re doing. The hater’s lens is negative so they rarely can distinguish things that could be considered positive.

Hater to Motivator2. A haters presence counts too!

Performing in a play. Just smile when you see the haters, they’ll help you get credit for a sold out theater.

Writing a blog or launching a website. A hater’s click counts as traffic too.

Just remember, for a hater to hate they have to show up. Figure out how to make that benefit you.

3. Haters offer their direct critique for free. Your trusted friends may not have the courage to share feedback this way.

While a hater can often say things with the purpose of discouraging you, they often pay closer attention to what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong than your close friends.

Don’t be so quick to dismiss everything a hater may say about you.


They’re critiques could serve as useful feedback that would make your hater cringe if they knew it could help you.

4. Having a hater proves that you are somebody. It’s impossible to hate on nobody!

Enough said there.

5. You can use the haters as steam to power your dreams.

I have to give credit to the infamous Kanye West for this one. I stole and recomposed this years ago after hearing this lyric from his song “Last Call”.

“Now I could let these dream killers kill my self-esteem, or use my arrogance as the steam to power my dreams.”


You choose! As for me, I’ll use the hate from haters as steam to power my dreams!

6. Your haters are obsessed with your success. Thus you can measure your success by how many haters you accumulate.

The more you do, and the higher you go, the more you’re exposed to haters who will take shots at you from the cheap seats. Don’t let an abundance of criticism slow you down and discourage you.

Just keep in mind that an exponential growth in hate, is often the consequence of an exponential growth in your success.

7. Having a hater means you must be doing something right.

This one is simple. Haters like controversy. If you’re failing and completely off track you won’t need a hater to tell you that!

Let me know if this post has helped you relate differently to hate from your haters in the future.
Also, remember to stay inspired it’s a lifestyle choice!

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Linal Harris
Global Entrepreneur – Certified Life Coach – Media Personality – Speaker


Linal Harris is a Corporate America graduate, global entrepreneur, certified life coach, and media personality. He has penned over 200 blog posts on his popular website of 5 years, InspirationalPerspective.com and recorded over 200 radio shows on his weekly WVON 1690 AM talk radio program, “Inspirational Perspective”—which he also broadcasts live to his Periscope channel. Harris is a heavily sought-after speaker for conferences and events across the country. He is gifted in custom designing presentations for specific audiences that motivate and inspire. He has been called upon by numerous professional career organizations, universities and Fortune 500 companies to facilitate goal-setting sessions and provide inspirational talks. In 2015, Harris was inducted into Triton College’s Alumni Hall of Fame and he was the recipient of the 2013 Chicago Defender’s Men of Excellence award and the 2012 Chicago Urban Roundtable’s 40 Game Changers Under 40 award.

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