Who’s Running Your Show?


You have dreams.
You have ideas.
You have all sorts of goals and desires.

Yet the realization of these dreams seem to be, so far out of your grasp.
Those ideas you have…never seem to gain any traction.
Those goals…well, you may complete twenty-five to fifty percent of a goal, but rarely have you seen a personal goal through to completion.
Your desires…they remain, but they stay exactly that; a desire.
You often find yourself making your long-term desires compete with your immediate wants.

Does the scenario I just shared sound familiar?

If the reality I narrated above doesn’t describe your current situation or circumstance, I’m fairly certain you know someone for whom this is true.

Many of us wake up every morning to live out an agenda we barely own. Some of us are painfully aware of this unfortunate truth; others of us, have yet to realize that our lives and efforts have had no definitive purpose.

Either way, the agenda that has claimed the majority of us to date, goes by the name of survival.

There are some who serve a more simplistic agenda. They have been conquered by the media and large retail giants, so they spend their time and efforts on acquiring things, like the latest release of Nike vintage Jordan’s or a Louis Vuitton handbag.

This is what I call, living for the next best thing.

Regardless of where you fall, one question still remains.

the ringmasterWho’s running your show?
We just figured out that it may not be you…
…and since we know every circus has a ringmaster, who is yours?

Is it fear?
Is it work?
Is it family or friends?
Is it money? (Those bill collectors can be demanding!)
Is it insecurity?
The insecurity that lies to you and says, “You’re not good enough to live the life of your dreams.”

What is it?
Who’s running your show?

Take time this week to truly distinguish what continues to separate you from the life of your dreams.

The quicker you identify who’s running your show, the sooner you can accept their resignation and place yourself, along with your dreams, ideas, goals and desires into the center stage of your own life.

Getting that resignation isn’t always easy. There will be a lifetime of habits that your asking to quit. Just remember, nothing worth having is typically easy.

Run Your Own Show!
Run Your Own Show!

Your only job is to make a choice.
Make the choice to run your own show.
…and every time you notice something else or someone else, try to take the center stage of your life, just make the choice to be your own ringmaster.

Here is a quick reminder of what you just read, that you can copy and paste, then print and post:

  1. Get clear on your dreams, ideas, goals and desires.
  2. Identify what or who is running your show. (If it’s not you, proceed to step 3.)
  3. Make the choice to run your own show.
  4. Stay inspired, it’s a lifestyle choice! (www.inspirationalperspective.com)

I’d love to know your thoughts on this post and please share what else I can do to support you.

Now go and run your own show and stay inspired; it’s a lifestyle choice!

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