Why Live? We’re All Going To Die Anyway!


Stuff happens!

The uncertainty of when and how stuff happens is a complex and necessary part of life.

Most of the stuff that happens can be categorized as good or bad, however the interpretation and categorization of this stuff, is completely up to us.

Or is it?

"I dwell in possibility." ~ Emily Dickinson
“I dwell in possibility.” ~ Emily Dickinson

There are a number of things and/or happenings that most of us would unanimously agree could fall into a category labeled bad. A few of these bad things/happenings are as follows:

  • Death
  • Accidents
  • Loss (job, financial income, relationship, etc.)

The list of bad happenings could be longer, but the three I’ve shared above typically get ranked towards the top of what is considered bad.

For most of us, death tops the list of bad.

But is it bad?

After all, we are all born to die.
There’s no escaping that reality.
So if death is completely bad, wouldn’t that make us all victims of death the day we are born?

Think about it…

Why should we grow up, go to school, get a job, get married, and create children who will share our fate, if death is the only certain and predictable outcome?


Maybe it’s because we are not victims of death at birth, but rather born to create possibility.

Uncertainty creates possibility.
Death creates possibility.
Accidents create possibility.
Loss creates an empty space, that provides room for possibility.

…or it can all just get thrown in the category we call bad and we can suffer through life as victims of circumstance.

Then again, who wants to wake up everyday under the drudgery of their impending death and the death of everyone they love?

I don’t.

Choose possibility!
Choose possibility!

I’d rather choose living the best life possible.
I’d rather live a life I get to design, by turning my uncertainties into learning opportunities, so I can create awesome possibilities.

Every day we awake, we are presented the choice to be a victim of circumstance or a creator of possibility.

Yesterday what was your choice?
Today, what will your choice be?
Tomorrow, what will you choose?

I hope you chose and will choose possibility.
I hope you continue choosing to stay inspired, it is definitely a lifestyle choice!

About the Author:

Linal Harris
Global Entrepreneur – Certified Life Coach – Media Personality – Speaker

Linal Harris is a global entrepreneur, certified life coach, author, and media personality. As the founder of Inspirational Perspective® Publishing, LLC and Insights 4 Life™ Coaching, LLC, Harris challenges his global audience and coaching clients to Murder Mediocrity® and live their best life possible. Harris concentrates his work as an ontological coach with clients on what he calls the 4 pillars of life; the relationship we have to ourselves, the relationships we have with others, our relationship to work and money, and the connection we have to our spirit and life’s purpose. Harris coaches CEO’s, executives, entrepreneurs, athletes and celebrities. Harris is the author of “Slay Your Goals”, where he provides his readers with scientific and research backed tips for achieving their goals. Harris is an expert goal-setter and has been called upon by Fortune 500 companies to assist with setting their strategic priorities, facilitate goal-setting sessions and provide inspirational talks.

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