Lions, Tigers and Ebola…Oh My!


It’s almost impossible to read the paper, look at the news or scroll through a newsfeed with seeing something about the spreading Ebola epidemic.

It’s also fascinating to watch the way the media chooses to cover the stories we hear surrounding this virus!

Since I’ve encountered the first bit of information about the unfortunate outbreak of Ebola in Guinea and Liberia, there’s been one common thread.

That thread?
Be afraid!

Here are some of the flavors of fear that I’ve distinguished while staying informed on the spread of this virus:

The first flavor of the story was; look at what happening over there to them. That’s scary. (Sound familiar)

The second flavor of the story was; what’s happening over there to them is spreading. What does that mean for us? This is getting scarier.

The third flavor of the story was; this is getting scarier. How do we make sure what’s happening to them over there doesn’t happen to us over here. We are legitimately afraid now.

The fourth flavor of the story has been; who let them bring what they had over there over here where we are? We are upset and afraid.

Creating fear, creates profits!
Creating fear, creates profits!

Can you see a pattern?

The majority of the stories I’ve read, seen or heard about Ebola have all been soaked in fear.

Instead of educating us about this virus, how it spreads and how we can help minimize that spread, the majority of our media outlets have decided to scare the sh*t out us.

Why would they do that?
What’s in it for them?

In a previous post, I shared that fear freezes us. We typically get stuck when we’re afraid.

This works for the media because if we’re afraid and stuck, then we continue to read, click and watch their stories.

The more we read, click and watch their stories, the higher their ratings rise. The higher their ratings are, the more likely they are to sell more ad space.

For them, this is about revenue.
They’re making a profit on our fear.

Oh…and by the way, they’re not as scared as we are.

They’re actually sending their reporters and journalist right into the heart of the outbreak to show you the scenes and pictures of Ebola’s terrible toll to solidify your fear.

Why aren’t they afraid?
Is it because they have knowledge we don’t have?
Is it because they know how to protect their cameraman, journalists and reporters from this disease even when in the heart of the outbreak?

Why haven’t they given us a story or a behind the scenes look at how they’ve protected themselves?

As a certified ontological coach, I’ve been trained to ask questions and extract answers.
I’m curious…what questions do you have?

Get your questions answered and attain the knowledge you need, so you can get back to focusing on the life you want to live?

Don’t get me wrong. This Ebola outbreak is serious business, but it’s also just the type of thing the media uses to distract us from our life’s purpose, goals, dreams and aspirations.


Remember, fear freezes.
…and living a powerful life that is led by your purpose requires you to be in action, not frozen.

Instead of being afraid, get your questions answered so you can free up your mindshare to focus on living the best life possible and stay inspired; it’s a lifestyle choice!

Here’s the link to a website that provides really solid information: Everything You Should Know About Ebola

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