Two Day VOTING Challenge!


This week, I would like to present a challenge.

It is my ultimate desire that we not only perform and complete this challenge, but that it becomes the impetus for a habitual change in behavior in the future.

November 4th, is election day!
November 4th, is election day!

In the United States, the 2014 elections take place in a couple of days.  Many Americans have already cast an early ballot and the rest of us plan to vote this upcoming November 4th, on Election Day.

The idea for this week’s challenge is directly correlated to the anxiety and anticipation that typically come along with elections.  Most of the voting population may already know which candidates they intend to support; and a few may be undecided.  The few that are undecided, are paying very close attention to the differences in the governing policy of each candidate, to ensure they make a decision that closely aligns with their political views, personal beliefs and core values.

…and why wouldn’t they?

After all, whomever we decide to put in office, will have a direct impact on most of our lives, for the foreseeable future.

There will be governors, senators, congressional representatives, state representatives, judges and other elected officials whose names will be on the ballot, this upcoming Tuesday.
…and guess what?

Often the candidates we know very little about are closest to our homes.


They’ll impact what happens in our schools, neighborhoods, streets, parks, etc.

Do you know their names?
Do you know who they are?
Do you know what they look like?

Better yet…
Do you know their governing policies and how they may impact you and your community?

If so…excellent.
You’re all done.

If not…
My challenge is this:
Can you commit to prioritize and/or put away the unimportant ‘to-dos‘ and focus on the important vote you will cast on November 4th?

If the answer is no…please keep reading and reconsider.

If the answer is yes…
Get excited, because you are now on the path to personal growth and the ability to exercise your individual right to influence your community!

Now here’s the deal…
For the next two days you will do the following:

  1. Instead of watching meaningless television, research which candidates are running for office in your neighborhoods proximity.
  2. Instead of surfing all over the internet, checkout for information on the candidates on your ballot.
  3. Instead of reading pop culture magazines, google your ‘sample ballot’ to find out whether the judges up for election in your district, represent your ideals.
  4. Instead of starting that game of Candy Crush, find out what the ballot questions are, and consider what your vote will be.

Remember you’ve made a commitment, it’s too late to resign.
…and no need to worry, in two days I’m pretty sure you’re favorite pop star will still be alive.

your vote is your voiceYou committed to putting away the unimportant and focusing on the important!

Are you up for this two-day challenge?

If so, I want to hear from you. Let us all know!

After these two days, this just might be a practice that sticks during future elections.

Remember, it’s not the politicians that hurt us, but rather the choices we make when we elect them. We are our own worst enemy.


What ever you choose to do, please don’t let the focus on the unimportant, be the one thing that comes back later and hurts you.

For the next two days just ask yourself:
What’s really important?
…and then go VOTE!

This week, embrace your democratic liberties and stay inspired, it’s a lifestyle choice!

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