Show Up!

  Think of where and who you are today… Then count your blessings… Part of the reason you are where you are, is due to how you’ve “shown up”… Right? Another way to say it would be…we all are who we are and where we are based on how we continue to “show up”! This Read More

Walking in Circles

  This past week, I read an excerpt from Seth Godin’s book Poke the Box, that really stuck with me.   This passage was called “Walking in Circles”. In this piece, Seth cited research that had been done by Dr. Jan Souman, of the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics.  This research revealed what happens to us Read More

The Big Picture

I’ve had the wonderful privilege of spending most of my adult life as a leader and I’ve learned a number of critical lessons throughout my leadership journey.  These lessons have been taught by good and bad leaders alike, but I’ve benefited most from learning directly from the people I’ve led. I believe the true beauty Read More