The Mind’s Eye


If you’ve studied human anatomy you already know that the ‘eye’ gets a lot of credit it doesn’t deserve.  We typically say we see through our eyes, when in essence we really see with our brain.  The eye only serves as a tool to provide the reflective signal of the colors and shapes that the brain then interprets and assigns rationale meaning.

Simply put it is the brain that sees…the eyes only serve as the mirror.

Now…I do believe we can all agree that the brain and the mind are synonymous. So since this is true…it would be correct to imply that instead of our eyes…it is our mind that does all the seeing.

And…it is the same mind that does all the seeing…that also does all the thinking…correct?

Because if so…I would have to deduct the following:

  • A great deal of what we think about has to do with what our mind sees.
  • A great deal of what we feel has to do with what we think.
  • A great deal of what we DO has to do with what we feel.

…and what we DO has everything to do with who we are…our reality!

Some years ago I read John Milton’s epic poemParadise Lost“, and in this poem one particular stanza really stood out to me.

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven…”

Your state of being…your happiness or your unhappiness is all a state of mind.
Your ability to maintain either state has everything to do with your ability to control your mind.

We’ve all heard the old English proverb, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.”

Well…I’m gonna take this one step further and say, “The eyes are the door to the mind.”

If you want to gain or maintain control of your mind…be careful what you let walk in and out of its door.

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