Living the dream, in 2013!

Here we are…
Day 2…

Did you take time to make a few new resolutions?
If so, what mechanisms have you put in place to ensure you’re successful?
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2012, came and went pretty fast!

Did you accomplish what you planned to achieve last year or did you get restrained in the seductive time-capsule of procrastination only to awake in December with a list of unfulfilled goals and resolutions?

How did your 2012 resolutions work for you? I’d love to hear about it.

Last year, my New Year‘s post was entitled 2012 – New Beginnings!

In this post, I wrote about the beauty of new beginnings and the feeling of possibility we enjoy when we start something new.

Think about NEW for a moment:

  • A new romantic relationship. She likes him and he likes her…ahhhh…the possibility.
  • A new home. What drapes will I choose and what color should I paint the walls.
  • A new car with no mileage. Where should I go? Should I drive across the country?

Newness has a way of exponentially increasing our creativity! That’s why we celebrate new.
2012-to-2013 clockSo back to this 2013, New Year!

What are the possibilities for you?

What can you achieve in the next 365 days?

Will this year be filled with your demonstrations of faith and perseverance as you pursue your resolutions and goals?

Or, will it be filled with the same excuses we use for why we haven’t attained our personal goals, desires and aspirations.

Excuses such as;

  • I’m just too busy
  • I’ll do it later (procrastination)
  • Unbelief
  • Simply going lukewarm on our own ideas, goals and dreams

These are the excuses that bring disease to our dreams and creates the unbelief that prevents us from doing great things.

How do we ensure this doesn’t happen?
I shared this simple formula for New Year Resolution success, last year;

  1. For everything you plan to start.  There is something you must plan to stop.
  2. Tell yourself 2x a day how awesome you are!
  3. Believe in yourself.

Simple formula; tough to execute.
Success takes sacrifice, self-confidence and faith!

So instead of only asking what you will do in 2013, my question is also what will you stop?
Will you let TV, Twitter, Facebook or whatever it may be…you fill in the blank _______, divert you from your dreams.

Do you believe YOU can do whatever it is YOU want to do?
You are a walking miracle, but you have got to believe it, to perform your own miracles!

Live your dream, in 2013!
You are awesome!
Believe it!
Start accomplishing your goals!
Stop giving distraction your time and power!

Do all that and we’ll all be…
Living the dream, in 2013!

(Now print this and go back and answer all those questions I asked.)

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