Stinkin’ Thinking


What if your thoughts had a scent?
What would yours smell like?

Would your thoughts have a garden scent that originates from the growth of fresh ideas and newly picked possibilities?


Would your thoughts wreak like hot garbage on a summer day, from the stench created from sitting stagnant with the same thoughts year after year and spreading the unhealthy disease of pessimism?

About a month or so ago, one of the listeners from my radio show, Inspirational Perspective, called in to share an idea he’d been working on to make positive aesthetic changes in some of Chicago’s dilapidated neighborhoods. During our conversation, he shared that one of the biggest barriers he’d encountered was resistance from people within these neighborhoods with stinkin’ thinking.

Since our conversation, I’ve thought often about his phrase, stinkin’ thinking.

I’ve also asked myself, “Why would anyone try to discourage a man who is trying to improve their unkempt neighborhood?”

Then it hit me…

Whether his idea was good or bad, if it creates change, it will become a target for anyone with stinkin’ thinking.

People with stinkin’ thinking don’t like change.
People with stinkin’ thinking don’t like the current circumstances either.
People with stinkin’ thinking don’t like new people with new ideas.
People with stinkin’ thinking don’t like old people with old ideas.
People with stinkin’ thinking typically don’t like anything, including themselves.

People with stickin’ thinking are just stuck in the muck.
These kind of people grab a hold of anything that might sound positive, in an attempt to pull it down with them.

Now, the examples above are somewhat extreme, but the truth is, we all are afflicted with stinkin’ thinking from time to time.

We all resist change or try to stump out a new idea occasionally.
Sometimes, it’s just simply to hard to resist.

My question for reflection this week is:
What can you do to ensure you are limiting the funk and fester of stinkin’ thinking in your life?

Here are a few tricks I use to limit stinkin’ thinking in my life:

  1. Pretend the thoughts in your mind are being played over an intercom for everyone to hear. If your thoughts on loud-speaker would embarrass you, that might be an indication you need to change your thinking.
  2. Don’t feed the funk by listening or joining in with others who have stinkin’ thinking. A septic pool of thought needs more garbage to grow. Starve your negative thoughts and they will have a weaker influence in your life.
  3. When I encounter others who can’t seem to purchase a positive thought even if I gave them money to do so, I choose to avoid them in the future, if possible.

“Thoughts are boomerangs, returning with precision to their source. Choose wisely which ones you throw.” ~ unknown

Positive-ThinkingWe are what we think.
I can’t speak for you, but I don’t want to stink.
So, it will be positive thoughts for me.
What will your choice be?

Join me and stay inspired, it’s a lifestyle choice!

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