Is Your Check Engine Light On?


Most of us own a car.
Most of us are also guilty of sometimes ignoring the needs of our vehicle, hoping that the car can make it just one more week.

As much as we hate to see this light, isn't it nice to have a warning?
As much as we hate to see this light, isn’t it nice to have a warning?

It’s normal.

After all we depend on our automobile as a mode of transportation to get us from point A to point B.

The expectations we have for our cars aren’t terribly unrealistic.

The investment we made warrants our expectation that the vehicle does exactly what we bought it to do; take us places on demand, with no mishaps or miscues.

We also know that our vehicle will need maintenance to keep performing up to par.

Yet, knowing is only half the battle, because when the engine icon on our dashboard lights up, most of us will still greet the car’s plea for some tender loving care by rolling our eyes or releasing a disapproving grunt.

If cars had ears, what would the message be that the car would hear?

I imagine it would be something like, “How dare you ask me for something! I’m the only one that gets to do all the asking! Where do you expect me to find the time and the money to help you? I have ‘A‘ place to ‘B‘!”

Sounds kinda selfish and unreasonable when it’s stated like that…right?

Scary thing is, we don’t just do this with our cars. We do this to ourselves.

Many of our physical well-being check engine lights are on…
Many of our mental well-being check engine lights are on…
Many of our financial well-being check engine lights are on…
Many of our spiritual well-being check engine lights are on…
Many of our emotional well-being check engine lights are on…
Many of our relationship check engine lights are on…

check engine memeYou are in need of some tender loving care and overall well-being maintenance, but you’re too worried about getting from point A to point B to stop and take care of your most precious commodity.


If you were an engine, what kind of engine would you be?

Would you be a 4 cylinder engine trying to run on 3 cylinders? (Sorry ladies…)

As an ontological life coach, I see this type of behavior all to often. I encounter people everywhere who so desperately need a tune up in life, but refuse to invest the time in getting the help they need. They refuse to stop, because it would slow them down…and they feel like they’re all ready so far behind.

Problem is, that’s what happens when you try driving and pushing a 4 cylinder engine that’s running on 2 or 3 cylinders.

Whats worst is that living this way will almost always create a total breakdown to halt that slow progress all together.


My point is this; don’t wait for things in your life to completely break down and stop.

If your well-being engine light is on, take the time to give yourself the ‘TLC’ you need.

If it makes sense to stop and maintain an automobile that can be replaced, how much more should you be doing for yourself.
…because there’s no replacing you!


This week and beyond, take the time to notice that engine light and address what needs to be maintained in your life.
…and remember to stay inspired, it’s a lifestyle choice!

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