Magic Johnson – Overcoming Adversity


Ever notice how adversity has a way of bringing out the absolute best or worst in a person?

There must be something almost magical about adversity’s squeeze that produces who we are as a person from the very core of our essence.

adversity dicIf adversity squeezed you, what would be produced?

Perfection isn’t on the menu, so would it produce characteristics like perseverance, discipline, and consistency or would it produce characteristics like dishonesty, selfishness and righteousness?

If adversity squeezed…
Would you even continue to compete?
Would you just quit?

If adversity squeezed you, what would be produced?

There are a number of great examples of individuals who were squeezed by seemingly insurmountable odds and produced amazing results from dire situations.

One such individual is Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

Recently I had the opportunity to engage with Mr. Johnson at a venue where he spoke and shared aspects of his life story. That interaction brought up some old memories.

I was in high school back in 1991, when Magic Johnson announced that he’d contracted HIV and would consequently be retiring from the NBA.

I can recall feeling a deep sense of sympathy and regret for Magic Johnson and his family.

Talk about serious adversity.

Imagine being a basketball superstar and at the height of your career being diagnosed with HIV, which at the time was a highly misunderstood and life threatening disease.

What would you produce from that type of adversity?

Magic Johnson's business prowess is evident in his stake of ownership in the L.A. Dodgers.
Magic Johnson’s business prowess is evident in his stake of ownership with the L.A. Dodgers.

Well, almost two and a half decades later Earvin “Magic” Johnson has produced a business enterprise that has become one of the largest African American businesses on the globe.

Magic Johnson has also been called, one of the most successful businessmen operating in American urban communities.

He has gone from assisting his Lakers‘ teammates in scoring on a basketball court, to assisting small diverse businesses in scoring, by creating and providing profitable opportunities.

When adversity strikes it can seem completely overwhelming.
When adversity strikes it can create the feeling of suffocating.

Just remember to breath.
Take life’s challenges one day at a time.
Don’t quit!
Continue to compete!

It could be that adversity is looking to push you along a different path; to assist you in creating something that will be truly amazing.


No matter what cards you’re dealt in life…
No matter how unsavory your current situation maybe…
Believe in yourself…
Believe in your possibilities!

Seek to overcome your adversity and always stay inspired, it’s a lifestyle choice!

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