You Are What You Eat. (Inputs/Outputs)

You are what you eat.

What inputs are you over-consuming other than food?
What inputs are you over-consuming other than food?

We’ve all heard or read this cliché before, but is it true?

In my community diabetes is sometimes referred to as sugar.
Instead of saying, “I have diabetes.”
Someone would say, “I have sugar.”

It’s not a coincidence that having sugar comes from overconsumption of sugar based foods. The same relationship is evident with overindulgence in alcohol and being labeled an alcoholic.

These lead me to believe that the cliché, you are what you eat, is true.
(…or at least that’s how it usually goes.)

For the most part, the word consumption is typically used to reference what we put in our mouths, but could it include what we choose to hear and see? Would you agree that if I constantly listen to music with lyrics that degrade women, that I’m probably more likely to disrespect and degrade the women in my life?

If my deduction is true, any man looking to shift his degrading behavior towards woman, would need to also make a conscious choice to change his music selections.

It works the same way when we’re looking to get inspired.

When you need inspiration you have a choice to make. You can choose to remain uninspired or you can choose to consume inspirational readings, audio, videos and/or interact with someone who inspires you.

It’s a fairly simple concept.

If you put disrespect in, you get disrespect out.
If you put inspiration in, you get inspiration out.

In other words…we are what we eat.

So, what are you eating?

What are your inputs?
Do your inputs reflect what you desire?
Do your inputs reflect the type of person you want to be?

A sportscaster’s inputs are primarily about sports.
A meteorologist’s inputs are primarily about weather.
A motivational speaker‘s inputs are primarily motivational.

Manage your inputs to control your outputs.
Manage your inputs to control your outputs.

Who are you?
Who do you want to be?
The gap in these two answers are a consequence of your inputs.

We are what we eat.

What are you listening to?
What are you watching?
What media do you consume?

It might be time to start eating better.
Your inputs influence your outputs.
Watch what you consume.

This week, start being intentional about your inputs and stay inspired, it’s a lifestyle choice.

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